by SysOps
I started using Dart a few months ago. I’ve been using Dart for small projects and some web development. It’s proven itself to be up to the challenges I thrown it’s way and capable of much more. When I started looking into developing a new mobile app for a friend. I dreaded the long development times and having to build two versions of the app. One for Android and one for iOS. Let’s face it, mobile development has never been fun, or easy. That’s why so many have built websites and wrapped them in a web browser and called it a mobile app. Native apps are tedious to develop.  At least they have been in the past. Working with Dart lead me to another Google project. Flutter; A cross platform mobile development framework. Flutter leverages Dart’s cross platform operation and speed to provide real performance in a cross platform framework. Furthermore, it’s fun! It’s been awhile since I had fun coding a mobile app! Flutter makes mobile development fun and basic apps are quick and easy to produce.
The one drawback to using a cutting edge technology is the lack of example code and poor documentation. The docs for Flutter are actually pretty good but not perfect. Also, since Flutter is still in the Alpha development stage, it tends to changed. A few changes have broken code in the past year. But very few. It seems the Flutter team now has a better picture of where they are going and how their going to get there, than they had a year or two ago. This has helped greatly to stabilize the existing code base. New features are being added almost daily.
There is one thing I will take my hat off to the Flutter team for: They’re very social and responsive! If you have a question, need to know how to accomplish as certain task, etc., they are responsive and informative. How often do you get to give the developer’s your input or get inside information on a library you’re using? Well, with the Flutter team it seems to happen contently!

There are several Flutter tutorials on youtube, at the official site: www.flutter.io and elsewhere on the web. So if you haven’t checked out Flutter yet, you need to…