My Skills

I have been developing software for over 30 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects and in a wide variety of programming languages. This has included various Assembler Languages, BASIC, FORTH, C/C++, Pascal, Delphi, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ada, Octave, Matlab and others. I am most versed in C/C++ and Python. However, my latest interest in mobile development has brought me back to Java and the Android framework.

My commercial experience start long ago writing simple 2D game engines and a few games back in the DOS and CPM days. I also developed some hardware add-ons for the C64 and Tandy Color Computers. These included EPROM Programmers and Microprocessor Emulators, Text to Speech Engines, etc… At the time these were high-tech devices. These device were marketed at local computer clubs, on bulletin boards, and in a few computer news letters.

Much of my most recent commercial experience has been in the area of web-scrapping and a little data mining. I specialized for a few years in building and maintaining dating and other websites. I worked for five more years for an Automotive Parts Manufacturer doing in house and back-end web development.

In my many years I have written desktop applications for small businesses, custom video store software (which included a kiosk for customer use), and even installed a large commercial CNC plasma cutter and digital X-Ray machine. I tend to learn what I need to know for the task at hand.

My Interests

I enjoy tinkering with, designing and building computer and electronics devices.  I also enjoy building and flying Radio Controlled Aircraft, Robotics, Rodeos and Road Trips. I am addicted to online learning! My best time however is usually helping my rancher friends out. There’s just nothing like being horse back under these western skies at sunrise and sunset.

My Goals

As I have aged my goals have changed with the seasons of life. I am now more interested in enjoying my work and working on what I enjoy. Which is software and hardware development! I also enjoy teaching others about both old school and current technologies in hardware and software development. My passion of late has been mobile development and IOT.

Randall Morgan is currently a freelance developer focussing on IoT, Backend Web, and Embedded System development. He can be reached through our contact form or by phone: 406-853-5087. He is always happy to discuss your project with you.